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Edizioni Musicali Webmaster SerGiotto O COMETA Edizioni Musicali - P.I. 02183970587 C Watch  the video Watch  the video NEW NEW
HOT DOGS - RESTLESS by I GRES vinyl 45 rpm 7"
ECHOING AMERICA vinyl 45 rpm 7"
DJs Special Series Rivista numero 0 del  "Club Collezionisti Cometa" del 1980.  Clicca per sfogliare la rivista.  Magazine number 0 'Cometa Collectors Club "in 1980. Click to browse the magazine. L'angolo artistico di   The corner artistic to Watch  the video
S. Montori & G. P. Chiti Africa Nera Africa Rossa CMT 1016/30 Stock copy 1980 brand new. Vinyl is unplayed. Cover near mint.
Is available for sale, a 1/4 inch tape reel tape directly recorded in high quality, from the original 1/4 inch master tape of the 70s, of the "GRES Vol.1". A delight for your ears.
Unreleased Amazing Funk / Beat Library LP with tones of Jazz-Funk and psychedelic beats and an addictive battery in a succession of thumping and vibrating rhythms. The listener is constantly kept guessing how the music swings between Psych Funk, Jazz and movie Esoteric Themes then back again. Songs like "INSEGUIMENTO SUL BOSFORO", "PIAZZA", "THEME FOR TWO" and "AGGRESSIONE", are simply timeless and go a long way to explain why Cometa albums are so highly regarded. Sounds perfectly dip here in the world of great music year 1969/70. Now this gem was finally removed HQ 180gr. vinyl with a better sound quality to the delight of audiophiles. Edition of 350 copies.
LPs Serie argomenti COMETA Parliamo di...n°1 & Parliamo di...n°2 by Egisto Macchi Stock copy 1980 brand new. Vinyl is unplayed. Cover near mint.
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