CMT 10037 FIRST LOOK  Carlo Pes CMT 10038 La DOTTORESSA del DISTRETTO MILITARE Piero Umiliani CMT 10039 ECHOING AMERICA G. Tommaso & S. Torossi L'angolo artistico di  The corner artistic to                                                 COMPACT DISC CMT 10041 SERIE SPECIALE A TEMA - SPECIAL THEME SERIES INCONSUETO GROTTESCO musiche di Ennio Morricone CMT10040 RHYTHMS IN SUSPENSE musiche di Gino Marinuzzi Jr LP/CD & DVD/Book LP “INCHIESTA”  Alessandro Alessandroni Emma Rinaldi: RACCONTAMI Il bosco incantato “A Dio piacendo” by Marco Werba “Jovanka e le altre” by  A. Francesco       Lavagnino SR-ST132 “Alessandro Alessandroni” by  A. Alessandroni Available the new t-shirts official COMETA, created by TooDaze & SerGiotto Sizes S to XXL. Price € 15.00. LP “EROINA” Gruppo Improvvisazione NUOVA CONSONANZA LP ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI by Alessandro Alessandroni LP TOWER OF POWER by V.A. AVAILABLE DISPONIBILI "I GRES VOL.1".  A really must-have for any Library Breaks DJ vinyl collector. SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT Butterfly flies again!! We found in our archives the master tapes of the inedit original music of "BUTTERFLY # 3" (1971-72) by Alessandro Alessandroni. What do you say ... it is worth pressing it on vinyl LPs ???? PRE-ORDER PRE-ORDER EGISTO MACCHI / Bioritmi (ROMA106LP) Genius meld of avant orchestrations, brooding modular composition and electronically processed percussion. Extended and fastidiously sculpted pieces that range from spacious abstractions to tantalisingly ominous melodic interludes and intense propulsive arrangements.Mimicking the pulmonary and cardiovascular actions of the human body, the microscopic landscape of bacteria and the urban heartbeat of bustling cities and electronics, Macchi intriguingly charts rhythm, pulse and biosphere. Moondog in the bloodstream, Phil Glass meets ‘Fantastic Voyage’. AVAILABLE First ever commercial release for this ultra-rare Holy Grail 1971 Library/Production Music LP First ever commercial release for this ultra-rare Holy Grail 1974 Library/Production Music LP The great Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni came to visit us in COMETA and gladly signed some of the LPs of the butterfly (farfalla SRST132). Thanks Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni