CMT 10037 FIRST LOOK  Carlo Pes CMT 10038 La DOTTORESSA del DISTRETTO MILITARE Piero Umiliani CMT 10039 ECHOING AMERICA G. Tommaso & S. Torossi L'angolo artistico di  The corner artistic to                                                 COMPACT DISC CMT 10041 SERIE SPECIALE A TEMA - SPECIAL THEME SERIES INCONSUETO GROTTESCO musiche di Ennio Morricone CMT10040 RHYTHMS IN SUSPENSE musiche di Gino Marinuzzi Jr LP/CD & DVD/Book LP “INCHIESTA”  Alessandro Alessandroni Emma Rinaldi: RACCONTAMI Il bosco incantato “A Dio piacendo” by Marco Werba “Jovanka e le altre” by  A. Francesco       Lavagnino SR-ST132 “Alessandro Alessandroni” by  A. Alessandroni Available the new t-shirts official COMETA, created by TooDaze & SerGiotto Sizes S to XXL. Price € 15.00. LP “EROINA” Gruppo Improvvisazione NUOVA CONSONANZA LP ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI by Alessandro Alessandroni LP TOWER OF POWER by V.A. The Lp's are in phase of pressing   A really must-have for any Library Breaks DJ vinyl collector. This is Silvano Chimenti/Romano Rizzati (alias Walter Rizzati) I GRES Vol.1, a sought-after Funky Breaks Library monster featuring the noted track "Restless" made famous by DJ Leacy, and containing other dope breaks and beats. PRE-ORDER  € 20,00 instead of  € 24,95  Warning: we inform our collectors that once finished the promotional  campaign pre-order, the price will be € 24.95 of LP’s for single copy  LP