HOT DOGS - RESTLESS by I GRES vinyl 45 rpm 7" Soon for the delight of your ears.
SIX DIMENSION - COAST TO COAST by ECHOING AMERICA vinyl 45 rpm 7"  Soon for the delight of your ears.
DJs Special Series
 I  GRES  Vol.1,  a  sought-after Funky  Breaks  Library  monster  featuring  the  noted track  "Restless"  made  famous  by  DJ  Leacy,  and containing other dope breaks and beats.I   GRES   were   a   studio   group   only   founded   by Silvano  Chimenti  that  recorded  3  studio  albums, recording  Funky  Library  music.  Band  name  brings the  members  signs:  the  "G"  of  organist  GIORGIO CARNINI,   "R"   standing   for   maestro   ROBERTO PREGADIO,  "E"  was  the  I  Gres  drummer  ENZO RESTUCCIA   and   finally   the   "S"   of   the   leading band  man  SILVANO  CHIMENTI.  The  LP  is  mainly based   on   Rock-Blues,   Funky   &   Groovy   music. Among  the  tunes:  "RESTLESS"  (this  classic  B-boy favourite   cop   Funk was   also   used   as   the   main theme    for    the    "Dibattito    politico"    1975    Tv programme);  "HOT  DOGS"  Funk  and killer      guitar      with      distortions and obsessive rhythmics.
A record that definitely lives up to its title – an obscure Italian sound library session that blends instrumental touches that evoke an America at the start of the 70s with some of the hipper, deeper currents you'd expect from the team of Stefano Torossi and Giovanni Tomasso! There's plenty of expected sound library funk in the mix here in a way that makes for one of the most unique sound library sessions we've ever heard! Plus. Titles include 
EUR 15,95
EUR 15,95
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