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YEAR: 1969 -1971
PRICE: EUR 24,95
RARE MUSIC FROM THE COMETA LIBRARY VAULTS The   world   of   Italian   library   music   is   a   confusing,   mysterious   and   expensive one.   It's   confusing   as   some   tracks   appear   across   different   libraries,   some appear    in    the    UK    or    in    France,    names    are    changed,    artists    used pseudonyms and I think you get the idea,  It's   mysterious   because   there   is   little   documentation   about   anything,   old labels   still   emerge   out   of   nowhere,   and   often   in   Italy   no   one   knows   who   owns what   or   why   or   how. And   it's   expensive   to   buy   original   Italian   library   records, even   more   expensive   if   they   are   good.   One   of   the   most   collectible   and consistently   entertaining   Italian   labels   was   SR,   set   up   as   part   of   the   Sermi Cable Company in the late 1960s.  This   is   the   compilation   of   music   from   that   very   company.   Some   of   the   music from   that   original   catalogue   is   now   owned   by   Cometa.   But   not   all   of   it. Bearing   that   in   mind   we   believe   this   is   the   best   compilation   we   could   put together    using    the    resources    available.    The    music    is    incredible.    And beautiful. And not expensive now. And that's why we did it. 
Killer    percussion,    superb    jazz,    odd    global sound,     beautiful     library     music.Yes,     an amazing   compilation   of   Italian   library   music from   the   SR   catalogue,   but   we   couldn't   say SR   or   Sermi   on   it   as   it's   all   now   owned   by Cometa   and   they   wouldn't   allow   it.   Anyway, about   £1000+   worth   of   music   here,   and   not a     duff     track     within     earshot.     Legendary composers   too   -   Alessandroni,   Torossi,   De Masi,   Marinuzzi   Jnr   etc.   Get   ti   while   you   can - 500 vinyl copies only.
O COMETA S.N.C. - P.I.01831441009 C