TRACKS: 19 LENGHT: 45’00” YEAR: 1977 FORMAT CD PRICE € 17,95
INCHIESTA (INVESTIGATION) The   songs   which   are   part   of   this   CD,   bear   the   mark   of   the   great,   eclectic   Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni.   These   songs   were   composed   for   the   broadcast of   eight   episodes   made   by   RAI   -Department   of   School   Education   for Adults   or   D.S.E.   -   called:   “OPEN      WINDOW".   It   was   directed   and   organized   by   the   RAI director Marco Procopio and the included reports related United Europe and the countries that were part of it. Four of these interesting episodes, filmed in Italy, Spain, France and Germany, were the first part of the show. The CD title “INCHIESTA” ("Investigation") is already explicit. The   song   “INDAGINE”   ("Inquiry"),   is   a   "slow"   interim   in   which   the   theme   of   a   soft   blown   flute   and   one   of   the   first   monophonic   synthesizers   fits   a   delicate harmonic   range   of   voices,   a   base   of   bass,   drums   and   electric   guitar   work.   This   simple   and   well   designed   song   offers   the   listener   a   calm   atmosphere,   but never sleepy, which sharpens the faculties of thinking of someone who is collecting the various  informations for investigations. “LA   METROPOLI”   ("The   Metropolis")   offers   a   glimpse   of   the   place   where,   potentially,   occur   criminal   episodes.   It   is   a   violent   and   percussive   song   in   which horns   along   with   percussion   emphasize   the   harshness   of   the   place.   “IL   PORTO”   ("The   Port"),   by   contrast,   is   set   in   a   quiet,   sleepy   and   lazy   place,   where everything    is    motionless    except    for    the    pitching    of    the    boat.   Another    song,    in    contrast    with    the    previous    one,    is    “IL    CORRISPONDENTE”    ("the corresponding")   where   the   music   points   out,   in   a   constantly   and   swirling   tonal   and   rhythmic   movement,      the   frenzy   of   a   reporter   who   must   frantically   chase news,   before   someone   steals   them   to   him.   Musically   astute   and   finely   ironic   is   the   song   “IL   COLLETTIVO”   ("The   Collective")   where   the   voices   of   the vocalists   are   superimposed   on   one   another   in   a   fun   and   rhythmic   counterpoint,   imitation   of   the   overlapping   of   voices   coming   from   an   agitated   meeting   at which   everyone   wants   to   have   their   say,   obtaining   at   least   in   this   case,   a   perfect   harmony   of   purpose.   Maestro   Alessandro   Alessandroni,   with   these compositions,   has   got   the   meaning   and   essence   of   the   word   "investigation"   ,   musically   describing   the   situations,   concepts,   places,   and   characters   with   his professionalism, his experience, and the great genius that have always distinguished him. Multifaceted   Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni:   composer,   conductor,   and   arranger. Among   the   various   activities   that   he   still   performs   to   this   day,   he   is   also   a mandolinist,   guitarist,   fisarmonicist,   sitarist,   whistler,   and   pianist.   Most   of   all,   he   is   a   musician,   highly   renowned   in   international   TV   and   cinema.   The   Maestro has   composed   and   conducted   over   50   film   scores   and   documentaries,   and   has   collaborated   in   the   production   of   many   songs,   achieving   great   success.   The activity   of   the   Maestro   seems   restless,   especially   during   the   period   in   which   director   Sergio   Leone   was   shooting   one   after   the   other   his   most   famous   movies, including   A   Fistful   of   Dollars,   The   Good,   the   Bad   and   the   Ugly,   For   a   Few   Dollars   More,   Once   Upon   a   Time   in   the   West,   and   A   Fistful   of   Dynamite.   The director   gave   Maestro   Ennio   Morricone   the   opportunity   to   compose   the   scores   for   these   movies,   and   in   the   recording   sessions,   a   very   special   trio   was formed   that   soon   after   became   very   famous:   Alessandro   Alessandroni   as   whistler   and   guitarist,   Franco   De   Gemini   on   harmonica,   and   Edda   Dell’Orso’s vocals,   the   three   alternating   their   performances   as   soloists   and   members   of   the   orchestra.   Very   successful   in   the   pop   music   field,   Maestro   Alessandroni   is the   founder   of   the   Cantori   Moderni   choir.   He   still   performs   publicly   as   well   as   on   radio   and   TV   throughout   Europe,   and   has   been   commended   for   his professionalism   and   originality   all   over   the   world.   On   this   CD,   which   features   previously-unreleased   tracks   in   addition   to   the   contents   of   the   Prisma   Sonoro LP   that   was   released   by   Cometa   in   the   70s,   the   instruments   are   played   in   a   very   peculiar   way,   like   solo   instruments,   and   contribute   to   create   a   sound   typical of   that   which   earned   the   composer   a   great   degree   of   success. The   arrangements,   the   harmonic   language,   and   the   instrumental   dialogue   of   the   various   cues combine to create in the listener romantic sensations both lovely and contemporary.
TRACKS: 12 LENGTH: 40’12’’ YEAR: 1974 FORMAT CD PRICE: €17,95
Ivana Mattei interview the great Master Alessandro Alessandroni Ivana Mattei intervista il grande Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni
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