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EGISTO MACCHI Bioritmi Group:GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA First ever reissue for this ultra-rare Library lp from 1971. One of the strongest examples of Macchi's tactile and meditative approach to composition, an engrossing, intuitive refinement of the techniques and practice he honed over prior years with Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza. 'Bioritmi' breaks down to seven pieces making up a mesmerising voyage to the heart of modular composition and electronically processed percussions, looped up and effected with various early tape techniques. Even by Macchi's standards, it's a breathtaking and beguiling body of work!!! Genius meld of avant orchestrations, brooding modular composition and electronically processed percussion. Extended and fastidiously sculpted pieces that range from spacious abstractions to tantalisingly ominous melodic interludes and intense propulsive arrangements. Mimicking the pulmonary and cardiovascular actions of the human body, the microscopic landscape of bacteria and the urban heartbeat of bustling cities and electronics, Egisto Macchi intriguingly charts rhythm, pulse and biosphere. Moondog in the bloodstream, Phil Glass meets ‘Fantastic Voyage’. Shipping on Tuesday!
ROMA 106 LP TRACKS: 7 YEAR: 1971-2015 FORMAT LP (g.200) PRICE: EUR 24,95
O COMETA S.N.C. - P.I.01831441009 C