Three Original music never published before
America,   a   Great   Country,   has   always   been   synonymous   of freedom:     individual     and     collective     freedom     of     thought, religions and expressions. The   latest   artistic   expressions   of   the   century,   were   born   and developed   in   this   great   Nation,   especially   in   the   field   of   art, where have reached significant milestones. In   the   sixties   /   seventies,   it   is   the   music   that   takes   mainly advantage   from   this   great   unknown   freedom      until   then   and the   echo   of   these   ideas   came   first   in   Europe   and   then   in   the rest of the world. Italy   could   not   ignore   this   social   and   cultural   revolution   and   all the   Italian   artists   were   involved   in   the   application   of   these new ideas and musical cultures that still exist today. And   at   this   point   we   must   speak   of   two   great   Italian   musicians of   that   time:   the   Maestro   Stefano   Torossi,   composer,   arranger and   conductor,   who,   after   studying   classical   double   bass   at the   Conservatory   of   Rome   and   won   a   scholarship,      from   the   ' 57    to    '59    he    moved    to    the    United    States    at    the    Institute Williams     College     in     Williamstown,     Massachusetts     and Brandeis     University     in     Boston     and     Maestro     Giovanni Tommaso,   who   began   studying   music   with   his   double   bass attending   the   Conservatory   in   the   '50s   and   in   the   same   time was   interested   in   jazz,   and   later   moved   to   Bologna   to   attend the   Jam   Session   that   was   reference   for   this   type   of   music,   not only for city Emiliana,  but also for Italy. These   two   great   musicians   in   the   70s   have   made   for   Cometa Edizioni   Musicali,   a   series   of   songs   that   have   been   identified perfectly   with   the   new   expressive   music   born   in   America   in those    years,    and    so    it    was    that    was    released    the    LP "ECHOING   AMERICA   ",   an   album   that   contained   the   most beautiful   expressions   of   the   revolutionary   cultural   music,   born in   America   at   that   particular   moment   in   history.The   musical themes   treated   by   these   two   masters,   as   well   as   they   are superbly   orchestrated   and   carried   out,   are   perfectly   relevant to   the   theme   proposed   by   the   individual   songs:   "ECHOING AMERICA"     which     reflects     literally     the     words     "THIS     IS AMERICA." So,    musically,    moving    from    a    "JUNGLE    HARLEM"    or    the urban    jungle,    where    a    dark    and    obsessive    rhythm    and    a obstinate   percussion   overlapped   with   art,   the   lines   emitted   by an   electric   guitar   and   other   instruments,   in   imitation   of   the sounds   of   horn   and   other   sounds   that   are   part   of   the   way   of life     in     the     black     neighborhood     of     New     York,     give     a sophisticated    song    of    country,    "DANCE    TOMORROW",    a typical   dance   of   the   white   population   in   the   south   area   of   the country.
TRACKS: 13 LENGHT:  41’00” YEAR: 1970 FORMAT CD PRICE € 17,95
Or   switch   a   very   gritty   rock   that   takes   us   along   an   imaginary journey    through    the    streets    and    the    endless    straight Americans,   coast   to   coast,   entitled   "COAST   TO   COAST"   a typical   song   "FAKE   IT"   in   which   a   nostalgic   harmonica   , accompanied    by    a    banjo,    reminiscent    of    the    spectacular sunsets   over   the   Grand   Canyon   ....   and   so   on   until   the   end of   the   CD,   that   with   his   music   and   our   thoughts,   lead   us   in all   those   hidden   corners   that   are   part   of   that   vast   country called America. Have a good trip!
Edizioni Musicali
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