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TRACKS: 17 LENGHT: 46’05” YEAR: 1968 FORMAT CD PRICE € 17,95
Nel   panorama   della   musica   di   commento   sonoro   un   discorso   a   parte   si   può   aprire   per   il   gruppo musicale    I    MARC    4.    Questo    gruppo    di    musicisti    esula,    alla    fine    degli    anni    sessanta,    da quell'insieme   di   movimenti,   anche   molto   eccentrici,   che   quel   periodo,   musicalmente   fecondo particolarmente in Italia, confezionò tanti stili e novità nel mondo occidentale. I   MARC   4   sono   la   summa   della   conoscenza   dei   vari   strumenti   e   stili   musicali   presenti   in   quel periodo.   Essenziali,   compatti   ed   estremamente   puliti,   utilizzano   una   vasta   gamma   di   strumenti musicali,   anche   i   più   etnici,   amalgamandoli   a   classici   strumenti   elettrici   del   periodo,   i   primi sintetizzatori   e,   addirittura,   a   strumenti   barocchi   senza   nessuna   sbavatura   timbrica,   o   ardite sperimentazioni   sonore,   mettendoli   a   confronto   in   un   continuo   equilibrio   stilistico   evidenziando le loro massime peculiarità espressive.
In view of the soundtracks a new speech can be opened for the band I MARC 4. Around   1950,   four   musicians   who   were   part   of   the   orchestra   of   RAI,   decided   to   form   a   band and   in   the   moment   of   the   constitution,   they   had   a   brilliant   idea:   to   find   their   definition   using   the initial letters of their names, so the beat band "the MARC 4" was born from that idea. The   first   two   musicians   of   the   group,   keyboardist   Maurizio   Majorana   and   drummer   Roberto Podio,   already   knew   each   other   for   having   played   together   earlier,   in   performing   jazz   songs with   Lucio   Dalla.   The   third   player   Antonello   Vannucchi   came   directly   from   jazz,   having   played with   Giovanni   and   Vito   Tommasi,   in   "THE   QUARTET   OF   LUCCA."   The   fourth   musician   Carlo Pes,   jazz   aficionado,   had   started   his   career   as   a   guitarist   with   Enrico   Simonetti   and   Bruno Martino. Created   as   a   Study   Group,   in   a   short   time   "I   MARC   4"   found   themselves   working   with   great soundtrack   composers   such   as   Ennio   Morricone,   Nino   Rota, Armando   Trovajoli,   Gianni   Ferrio, Piero   Piccioni, Alessandro Alessandroni,   Piero   Umiliani,   and   many   other   great   musicians   of   the time. Later,   the   group   conceived   and   produced   on   its   own   a   musical   genre   that   started   from   the Beat,    continued    with    the    Bossa    Nova    to    get    to    the    Jazz,    whose    main    feature    was    the Hammond organ played by Antonello Vannucchi. I   MARC   4   are   the   sum   of   knowledge   of   various   styles   and   musical   instruments   present   at   the time.   Essential,   compact   and   extremely   clean,   they   used   a   wide   range   of   musical   instruments, even   the   ethnic   ones,   mixing   them   to   classical   electric   instruments   of   the   period,   to   the   early synthesizers,    even    to    baroque    instruments    with    no    trimming    timbre,    or    daring    sound experimentation,   putting   the   instruments   to   compare   in   a   continuous   stylistic   balance   thus highlighting maximum of their expressive features. In   the   late   sixties,   this   group   of   musicians   was   outside   from   other   bands,   for   that   set   of movements,   even   very   eccentric   at   that   time   particularly   fruitful   in   Italy,   that   crafted   musically many styles and novelties in the Western world. In Alex,   for   example,   the   set   of   instruments:   Hammond   organ,   electric   bass   and   drums,   with   a very    fast    pace    support    a    funny,    curious    and    close    dialogue    between    a    idiophone    ethnic instrument   that   mimics   a   yelp   of   a   dog,   and   a   spinet,   without   a   tone   that   prevails   over   the other.   By Alex   #   2,   the   same   song   without   melody,   you   can   appreciate   the   clean   and   compact sound of the backing track. In   this   CD   the   music   scene   is   varied,   changing   from   a   soft   and   delicate   nocturnal   blues,   the song   is   John   Blues,   in   which   a   quiet   saxophone   has   an   interview   with   an   electric   guitar,   to   a dark,   haunting   and   rhythmic   Mato   Grosso,   where   the   bass   and   drums   are   the   carpet   for   an idiomatic instrument that mimics the verse of monkey. From   an   elegant   and   sophisticated   Piramidi,   which   seems   to   describe   an   object   of   exclusive design,   to   a   brutal   rock   (so   to   say,   given   the   time)   Piccadilly   Circus   that   uses   artfully   distorted instruments   which   bring   us   to   the   purest   sound.   From   a   descriptive   Trafalgar   Square   where   a spinet   puts   us   at   the   center   of   London   to   hear   a   typical   classic   sound   to   a   To   Pedal   in   which the rhythmic and the basso continuo push us towards a pure rock and roll. In   these   passages,   still   amazingly   fresh,   you   feel   an   immense   musical   self-confidence   and   a wisdom of timbral combination at the same time extremely stylish and original. The   four   members   of   the   group   "I   MARC   4"   have   had   an   important   career   and   even   today   their names,   their   music   and   their   group,   have   and   will   still   have   for   who   knows   how   long,   a   great musical success.
Three original music  never published before
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