LPS 112          
YEAR: 1972-R. 2013 FORMAT LP PRICE € 24,50
Amazing   electronics   from   the   Italian   sound   library   scene   --   a   record   that's   far darker   and   much   more   moody   than   other   Italian   albums   of   the   time   --   often with    complicated    tones    and    elements    that    rival    more    important    modern electronic   composers!   Most   of   the   work   is   relatively   spare,   and   served   up   in an   analogue   style   that   rivals   the   best   BBC   Radiophonic   material   --   although here,   the   passages   are   even   longer,   and   have   a   bigger   conception   overall   -- with    less    of    the    feel    that    these    tunes    are    supposed    to    be    random experiments   or   sound   effects.   The   material   echoes   plenty   of   Pierre   Henry,   or some   of   the   Dutch   electronic   experiments   too   --   and   titles   include   "Su   60 Impulsi    I",    "Jazz    Modulation",    "Mono-Tone",    "Diorama    E    Recitativo",    and "Condensazioni 1". Wah-Wah Records Sound
Edizioni Musicali
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