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Egisto   Macchi   (1928-1992)   has   long   existed   in   the   shadow   of   his   friend   and famous   collaborator   Ennio   Morricone.   As   Morricone   melded   pop   idioms   and western   scores,   Macchi   too   melded   classicism,   the   avant   garde   and   early electronic    music.    Aside    from    his    frequent    collaborations    with    Morricone. Macchi    was    a    busy    film    (LSD    Inferno,    Bandidos,    The    Assassination    Of Trotsky)   and   TV   (E.S.P,   many   commercials   with   Mario   Bava)   composer   in   late 1960s and 1970s Italy and France. Macchi   also   cut   a   number   of   highly   desirable   library   LPs   for   the   Gemelli, Sermi   and   other   Italian   labels   in   the   1970s.In   the   70's,   RAI,   sent   disturbing drama   to   the   point   of   paranoia,   queer   documentaries   on   the   deep   sea,   and indigestible   movies   so-called   "educational".   All   stuff   that   obviously   served   the music.   Or   sonorizations,   as   they   were   called.   These   sonorizations   were   left   to shady   characters   on   the   border   between   avant-garde   classical,   electronics, space   age,   and   healthy   as   italianissmo   sbraco   pop.   Some   names   you   know them:   Ennio   Morricone,   for   example.   Or   the   mythological   Piero   Umiliani,   too. As   with   all   of   Macchi's   work,"Preludi   e   non"   is   an   masterpiece   of   dark   avant- garde music. But the biggest of all was Egisto Macchi
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