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"I GRES VOL.1" - GV001
A   really   must-have   for   any   Library   Breaks   DJ   vinyl   collector. This    is    Silvano    Chimenti/Romano    Rizzati    (alias    Walter Rizzati)   I   GRES   Vol.1,   a   sought-after   Funky   Breaks   Library monster   featuring   the   noted   track   "Restless"   made   famous by DJ Leacy, and containing other dope breaks and beats. I    GRES    were    a    studio    group    only    founded    by    Silvano Chimenti   that   recorded   3   studio   albums,   recording   Funky Library   music.   Band   name   brings   the   members   signs:   the "G"    of    organist    GIORGIO    CARNINI,    "R"    standing    for maestro    ROBERTO    PREGADIO,    "E"    was    the    I    Gres drummer    ENZO    RESTUCCIA    and    finally    the    "S"    of    the leading   band   man   SILVANO   CHIMENTI.   The   LP   is   mainly based   on   Rock-Blues,   Funky   &   Groovy   music.   Among   the tunes:   "RESTLESS"   (this   classic   B-boy   favourite   cop   Funk was   also   used   as   the   main   theme   for   the   "Dibattito   politico" 1975    Tv    programme);    "NON    CHALANT"    seems    to    be perfect    movie    ending    theme,    a    nostalgic    Progressive Breaks   Score   created   by   the   genius   of   Silvano   Chimenti, Library   guitar   hero!;   "GRUMBLING"   is   Giorgio   Carnini's   nice organ   cinematic   tension   theme;   "HOT   DOGS"   Funk   and killer   guitar   with   distortions;   and   then   "PLANCTON",   special Rock-Blues      with      guitar      prominence      and      obsessive rhythmics.


Thes superb LP were released by the Cometa label immediately after "Milano Violenta" in 1976. The listener is constantly kept guessing as the music swings between psych funk, esoteric jazz and Italian love themes then back again. Tracks like "Love For Sale", "Privacy" and "Metropolis Notte" are simply timeless and go a long way to explaining why Cometa albums are so highly regarded.

"Tower Of Power"

is the sequel to the hit album "Freedom Power" and includes unreleased material recorded during the same session of 1976, songs that as in the case of those of the first volume push the accelerator on the jazz-funk soundtrack that was in Italy in those years fertile ground thanks to the great success of the movie cop.
I GRES Vol.1 - GV 001-N Magnetic Tape1/4" - 18 cm. in plastic reel vel 7,5" PRICE: € 74,95
FREEDOM POWER - CMT 4-N Magnetic Tape1/4" - 18 cm. in plastic reel vel 7,5" PRICE: € 74,95
TOWER OF POWER - CMT SN 042-N Magnetic Tape1/4" - 18 cm. in plastic reel vel 7,5" PRICE: € 74,95
A 1/4 inch tape reel tape directly recorded in high quality, from the original 1/4 inch master tape of the 70s.  A delight for your ears.
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